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Sarah bea
have lost 20kg with the acai berry
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have lost 20kg with the acai berry. It helped with my cravings and I was able to cut out sugar easily and I have lowered my sugar intake. This product has helped me change my life routine.
Carmen Schoene
delightful experience in price
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delightful experience in price, service and product quality. highly recommendable
Tony blewus
Vegan Proteins
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Good deals and quick delivery. The proteins come In a good range of flavours and taste great. I would definitely recommend these to anyone. Thank you
Lia gunner
Loving this product and company
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Loving this product and company. I have been buying from them for 3 years now on every purchase I received it the next day so happy will continue to buy again
highly recommend this site
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highly recommend this site. I've brought many organic supplements here, turkey tail, goji berry, turmeric, spirulina, raw cacao, ashwagandha & much more. I'm very satisfied, best prices, quality is fantastic, fast delivery. I recommend it to everyone.
Sandra scope
Great taste good price
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Great taste good price always good promotions on for their organic products with a good selection of supplements. Will shop again here.
Karl branse
Excellent service
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Excellent service, first time buyer. I wanted to try out the mushroom supplements quite a good selection to choose from. I opted for the turkey tail mushrooms and its actually really nice. I take the capsules and also split them to put into food. Works great for me 👍 will try the others once these are gone.
Katrina Paine
My husband has been using lion manes mushroom n he has noticed the different already
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Hi , Thanx for my order ..I'm really plzd with the service n product . I'll be ordering again soon 🙂.
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Great, fast and prompt got exactly what I ordered, I'd definitely recommend them to a friend.
C pirer
ordered a few packets health products
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ordered a few packets of health products online to be delivered in Italy. Excellent prices for organic goods, excellent value. Good website and easy to order/pay, was delivered on time.
Ava l
I received the 3 Day detox in in a…
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I received the 3 Day detox in in a nicely packaged box with ice packs. The juice arrived cold and fresh! I was both nervous and excited to start the program because this was my first time ever doing a juice-only cleanse. But it was fantastic! Great tasting and I've now got some favourites I'd like to order again.
Sarah jacquine
I just love the products and service…
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I just love the products and service from vegishake. No problems whatsoever!
Adaline mcane
Purchased organic smoothies and they…
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Purchased organic smoothies and they taste fantastic! All organic ingredients with nothing else is something I can totally get on board with! Its so hard finding drinks without any additional ingredients. Now I've found one 😊 so happy!
Tamara M
I've bought from this company a total…
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I've bought from this company a total of 5 times and I will continue to do so, they ship to Ireland in no time, and the quality is never shy from perfect... be nice if other health organisations took a leaf outta this companies book... one thing that makes me come back for more every time... is the cost .... so affordable... being healthy has never been made so easy
Selmai H
Looking around for some quality…
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Looking around for some quality activated charcoal capsules and stumbled across vegishake. Loved the website and now simple it is to use, made my purchase and it arrived quick even during these times! I've been taking these for 2 weeks now and I can say my bloating and stomach issues have gone down so much it's not unbearable like it was when I eat certain foods. Love them.
Tamara M
Ordered twice now from there
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Ordered twice now from there , amazing products, amazing prices , delivery was spot of even during a pandemic and we're in Ireland... life changing supplements that I can now get for my husband.. Thank you
Fast service, good product, minimal packaging
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We appreciated how quickly our order of Turkey Tail arrived at the beginning of the pandemic. We also appreciate the minimalist packaging and the quality of the product. Thanks Vegishake
Dan kirry
Ethical company and environmentally…
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Ethical company and environmentally conscious. They refuse most of their material destined for landfill. It's a green for go for me. Always looking for sustainable companies.
Sam skinner
Consistently bringing quick service
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Consistently bringing quick service. I have had no problems using this company and appreciate the fast delivery times.
Tyra serone
Continued customer repeat buyer..
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Continued to repeat order with this company, can't fault them. Everything comes on time and even quicker most days. Organic herbal supplements are hard to come by this company has such a huge selection to choose from. Glad we have businesses like this one around.
Sammy slowns
have had a great experience first time…
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have had a great experience first time buyer and I'll be a repeat buyer for sure. early delivery and great looking product. communication was very prompt with my queries and they've helped guide me. 10/10

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