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Founding Vegishake 2015 Est:

Vegishake founder, Michael Van-Dongen, has a personal passion for health and fitness. Growing up with a loving family, Michael understood early on how important it was to eat the right foods. However, this was easily said then done, as there were very limited places offering Organic Nutritious Foods & Supplements


For years now, Michael has looked at great ways of implementing great food into the diet for friends and family. During his Msc Degree, studying Applied Sports Nutrition, Michael decided that he would make a business that centered around a subject that he was passionate about, and had done with his family when he was younger.


Michael saw that there were very few UK Based Healthy Organic Certified Supplements & Smoothie Juices available on the market and so Vegishake was created. Now our Organic Supplements & Smoothies are available to you the public to consume as part of a healthy diet, along with our 24 hour delivery times, its never been so easy to stay Fit & Healthy. Order yours Today for Quick, Prompt Delivery to Your Door!


Creating Vegishake Organic Supplements & Smoothie Juices

Vegishake wants to inspire change and make healthier lives and has become one of the very few UK Vegan Supplements & Vegan Smoothies provider that is Certified as Organic. Each Supplement & Smoothie bottle includes a number of rich high quality ingredients that greatly contribute to your 5-a-day and nourishing the body to a high level. 100% Organic, giving you the best sources of foods out on the market! 


Each pack of Supplements and bottle of Vegishakes Juice is made up with a variety of high quality superfoods. All of our smoothie ingredients are blended to ensure that they retain all of the beneficial Fibre and Nutrients from every part of the Superfoods used. 

Our supplements: HPMC capsules are an excellent alternative to traditional gelatin capsules are non-GMO, USP-grade and suitable for vegans. HPMC capsules are widely used in the food and drink industry as they provide an excellent oxygen barrier and offer the same level of resiliency and flexibility.

Out of the large range of ingredients put into each bottle, we use as many ‘superfoods’ as we can, to maximise the benefits of a complete healthy Vegan 'Juice on the Go' and 'Supplement on the Go'


Superfoods are foods that have a higher nutritional content compared to other ingredients and have proven and well known health benefits. 


Vegishake are here to give you a completely healthy product that is designed for Optimal Nutrition from Pure Wholesome Sources. That's why we use Organic Ingredients in all of our Smoothies and Supplements Get started today to kick start the lifestyle change you need.


Our Organic Supplement & Juice Packages include a huge number of high grade Ingredients, encouraging the healthy you within, to show on the outside too. We are competitive with our pricing as we wish to give people a regular source of Optimal Nutrition on a regular basis.

You can enjoy UK-Produced Healthy Supplements & Detox Juice that arrive on your Doorstep within 24 hours of Ordering! Kick your cravings and compliment your body with a Vegishake Today and Place an Order Now for Quick Delivery