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Organic vegan healthy food and healthy snacks is our passion, here at Vegishake. This founded our need for better health foods, that are sustainable for you and the planet. Our founder Michael, understood early on how important it was include simply health foods into everyday diets. However, there were very limited places offering organic super foods & health supplements for daily nutrition.

Over time, Vegishake has looked at great ways of implementing organic vegan food into our diet. To help aid the needs and goals of consumers from how to lose weight fast to muscle building protein. So far, Vegishake have helped  specialise in nutrition, to help introduce more people to organic natural foods.

The mission for our healthy organic supplements UK & smoothie juice is to only put the ingredient you buy into the foods. We don’t put anything else in. Our organic food store, has a range of vegan supplements & smoothies available to you to consume as part of a healthy food diet, along with our 24 hour delivery times, its never been so easy to stay fit & healthy.

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Organic vegan healthy food

Each organic supplement & juice drink includes a number of natures best ingredients that greatly contribute to your 5-a-day, cleansing the body. We love everything organic and vegan, with our reach into veganism for pure planet health with the best sourced farms of healthy food out on the market!

Each pack of supplements and juice smoothies are made up with a variety of high quality superfoods.

All of our juice smoothie ingredients are blended from as much superfoods as possible, to give you all of the beneficial fibre and nutrients used.

Our organic supplements are from HPMC capsules that are an excellent alternative to traditional gelatin capsules made from non-GMO, USP-grade and suitable for vegans.

HPMC capsules are widely used in the food and drink industry as they provide an excellent oxygen barrier for greater levels of protection and absorption

Superfoods are foods that have a higher nutrition content compared to other ingredients, that are well known healthy benefits.

Vegishake mission is to give you a complete healthy snack that is designed for optimum nutrition from whole foods.

Buy our wholefoods online today for quick delivery, you can enjoy British supplement and detox juice smoothie, that arrive on your doorstep 24hrs from dispatch. Sign up to our news letter for discount supplements each month and more!

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