Dandelion Root Benefits: Raw, Cooked, and Supplements

The Dandelion root – Taraxacum mongolicum, commonly known as Taraxacum Officinale, has large yellow flowers surrounded by leaves in a circular arrangement – making the plant a true beauty to gaze at.

Daisies are a kind of plant whose roots, leaves, and blooms are used in culinary and medicinal applications (capsules, dandelion root powder, and dandelion root extract).

However, the aesthetics of the Dandelion are not the only aspect which make it so special. Since ages, the Dandelion root is used for treating numerous medical conditions, in Chinese as well as American medicine.

Some people use dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum) to aid in dehydration. In addition to studies looking into effects for arthritis, liver illness, diabetes, colitis, prostate cancer, and obesity, dandelion has been researched for its antibacterial, antifungal, and immune-boosting activities.

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Dandelion Root Potential Benefits

High in Nutrition

The dandelion root may seem like a little weed but trust us when we say it comes packed with a high nutritional punch.

From the root right to the yellow flowers of the Taraxacum Officinale, the dandelion has minerals, vitamins, and proves to be a rich source of fiber.

Consuming the dandelion root, you can expect an intake of Vitamin A, C, and K, as well as minerals like Magnesium.

Gastrointestinal Advantages

The dandelion root contains Carbohydrate Inulin, a soluble fiber that promotes the growth healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract. As a result, some studies have found that the dandelion leaf can prove beneficial against indigestion and gastrointestinal diseases.

A case study conducted of 24 patients using Taraxacum Officinale found normalized stool and considerably reduced gastrointestinal pain among participants.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Inflammation is a natural bodily process that especially springs into action upon an injury. However, excessive inflammation can be detrimental to health, and this is where the dandelion root helps.

The Taraxacum Officinale has some specific bioactive compounds that help reduce inflammation. A study discovered that it is actually the leaf extracts of the dandelion that contain such anti-inflammatory properties. Components like the Taraxacinand Taraxacumofficinale induce effects in the central nervous system that reduce inflammation and protect the body’s tissues and DNA in the long run.

Combat Against Diabetes

The dandelion root is especially considered useful for controlling blood sugar, thus potentially making it ideal for people suffering from diabetes.

The Taraxacum Officinale contains Chicoric and Chlorogenic Acid both of which are known to enhance the absorption of glucose within the tissue as well as promote secretion of insulin.

The dandelion root also contains Fructooligosaccharides, a carbohydrate that helps in normalizing blood sugar content and levels.

Some studies were conducted to test the benefits of the root upon blood sugar levels, that also discovered the potential for the dandelion root to serve as an anti-diabetic drug.

Antioxidative Properties

The human body has unstable molecules created as a response to environmental aspects. These molecules are called “free radicals”, and this instability can result in a chain of reactions that may end up damaging the body’s cells.

The dandelion root is thought to possess antioxidative qualities, that can help hinder the progression of damage from these free radicals. This makes the dandelion root a strong contender for health benefits and protection from cellular damage.

The flowers of the dandelion are thought to contain flavonoids and other phenolic components. While the leaf extracts contain hydrogen donors. A combination of these two in the form of the Taraxacum Officinale provides a good blend of protection from oxidative stress.

The dandelion also has high content of beta-carotene, that is an antioxidant with numerous health benefits.

Such protection at a cellular level is also thought to prevent the signs of aging, thus making it a great way to promote health and longevity – together.

Potential Prevention From Cancer

Since the later stages of cancer remain incurable, anything that gives us a little hope of alleviating cancer remain a mighty discovery. The dandelion root especially shines in this regard.

A study was conducted to see the impact of using dandelion leaf extracts upon cancerous cells. The result was a reduction in the growth of such cells, thus providing a potential for cancer prevention.

Streamlining the impact of the dandelion root, it was also tested upon a specific form of common liver cancer, the Hepatocellular Carcinoma. The usage of the extract of the Taraxacumroot depicted a great potential to act as a way to combat such cancer that does not involve toxic methods or the usual chemotherapy.

Similarly, other studies also showed the dandelion roots had potential to protect against other forms of cancer too, including that of the Pancreatic tissue. 

Dandelion Root: Potential Solution to Many Ailments

ar damage.

The flowers of the dandelion are thought to contain flavonoids and other phenolic components. While the leaf extracts contain hydrogen donors. A combination of these two in the form of the Taraxacum Officinale provides a good blend of protection from oxidative stress.

The dandelion also has high content of beta-carotene, that is an antioxidant with numerous health benefits.

Such protection at a cellular level is also thought to prevent the signs of aging, thus making it a great way to promote health and longevity – together.

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What Are the Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea?

Improve Blood Sugar Levels

Dandelion root phytonutrients have been studied and shown to have anti-diabetic effects, including improved insulin secretion and sensitivity and decreased hyperglycemic episodes (albeit in preclinical rodent models.

Clinical research is needed to suss out this effect in humans). It is one of the important dandelion root tea benefits.

Patients with type 2 diabetes who took a dandelion root or leaf dandelion root powder supplement once daily for nine days had a substantial decrease in their fasting blood glucose levels.

More study is needed, but dandelion tea’s (root and leaf) potential to stabilize blood sugar levels is encouraging in light of the worldwide pandemic of metabolic dysfunction.

Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Burden

Organic Dandelion tea root has several bioactive phytochemical substances that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects in in vitro and animal models of disease.

Plant-based compounds with rebalancing effects (i.e., helping remove free radical oxidants and opposing inflammatory pathways) are especially attractive given the widespread research linking oxidative stress and inflammation to everything from chronic illness to cognitive performance.

What Will Happen If I Drink a Cup of Dandelion Root Tea Every Day?

Dandelion tea helps your digestive system and your kidneys. In addition to the probiotic benefits, this tea contains fibers that may help with digestion and keep things running smoothly. Moreover, the characteristics of the tea stimulate bile formation inside the body, facilitating bodily function.

What Are the Benefits of Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss?

It is the diuretic properties of dandelion tea that aid in weight reduction. It aids the body in getting rid of the extra fluid that, in overweight people, tends to hang around in the cells and cause metabolic havoc.

Although dandelions are sometimes derided as a nuisance, they are edible and have many medicinal uses. Many individuals drink dandelion tea to lose weight with great success and no negative side effects.

How Do I Dry Dandelion Leaves for Tea?

Making dandelion tea does not need you to go on your knees with your hands in the garden. Plant components, including flowers, leaves, and roots, may be harvested in the spring and autumn and dried for later use.

Dried dandelion flowers may be used to make tea. Dandelions may be dried naturally in the sun without oxidizing. It’s also possible to roast them in the oven. Start with a temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and roast for two to three hours.

Put your dried dandelion plants in a sealed glass container to keep them fresh. The jar should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Dried dandelion flowers should be kept in a cold, dry area to prevent the formation of germs.

7 Ways Dandelion Tea Could Be Good for You

There are several components in dandelion tea that may help your health.

Vitamin A is one such nutrient that is essential for healthy eyesight, immunity, reproduction, and the regular operation of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs.

So, what are the benefits of dandelion tea? Here, we look at the potential health advantages of drinking dandelion tea.

1. A Caffeine-free Alternative Hot Drink

Caffeine’s negative effects on the human body are well-documented, so you may be thinking about reducing your daily intake.

Herbal dandelion tea or roasted dandelion root tea is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an alternative to your regular cup of tea or coffee.

Too much caffeine can increase anxiety, make it hard to sleep, and even discolor your teeth.

2. Dandelion Tea Reduces Your Water Weight

Since dandelion tea is a diuretic, it may improve urination and reduce bloating. Dandelion tea, brewed from the plant’s leaves, has increased urination in a trial with only two cups.

Increased urination aids the kidneys in flushing out waste and salt, preventing the proliferation of bacteria in the urinary tract while compensating for a portion of the potassium lost in the procedure.

3. Dandelion Tea Supports Your Immune System

With its high vitamin C content, dandelion tea is a useful aid in maintaining a healthy immune system. Keeping your immune system strong will help you avoid becoming sick from the common cold and flu this winter.

4. Dandelion Tea Is Good for Digestion

The digestive tract may benefit from drinking dandelion tea. It aids in mineral absorption, soothes the stomach lining, and keeps the bile flowing normally. Dandelions are known to assist digestion and prevent constipation.

As a prebiotic, inulin encourages the development of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Historically, dandelion was also used to stimulate hunger. The same bitter ingredients that promote bile flow also stimulate hunger.

5. Dandelion Tea Helps to Protect the Liver

To prevent oxidative stress and cellular damage, the human body may benefit greatly from the antioxidants included in the dandelion root.

The liver benefits from the antioxidants’ defensive properties, which help shield its cells from free radical damage. Dandelion’s polysaccharides action/function may aid in the liver’s recovery from stress and promote bile synthesis in a healthy manner.

6. Dandelion Tea Helps to Protect Your Bones

Dandelion tea has been shown to promote healthy teeth and bones, normal nerve transmission, blood coagulation, hormone release, and muscular contraction.

7. Dandelion Tea Is an Excellent Source of Potassium

Dandelion tea’s high potassium content may aid the kidneys in their detoxification processes and the healthy circulation of blood throughout the body.

As you can see, dandelion has many uses. Drinking dandelion tea, eating dandelion leaves, or using dandelion as a supplement will all benefit your health.

Dandelion roots tea has been shown to aid weight loss when consumed regularly. The drink also helps with clogged pores, reduces blood pressure, protects gallbladder illness, is a natural cure for constipation, and much more.

In this way, not only can you use it to avoid health issues, but you can also shed unwanted pounds in a matter of weeks.

Organic Dandelion Root 8:1 Extract Powder

Organic Dandelion Root 8:1 Extract Capsules

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