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Chia Seed Protein Powder Organic

Product Overview

Organic Chia Seed Protein Powder (Vegan)

Organic Chia Seed Protein Powder is a versatile premium quality Protein Powder that is a great source of dietary fibre and beneficial fatty acids. Chia Seed Protein Powder can be used by Vegans, athletes, bodybuilders and anybody wanting to supplement protein into their diet.

This Protein Powder is made from the finest quality Chia Seeds and can be added to a meals, smoothies, desserts and much more!

Packed with protein and high in B complex vitamins; B1, B3 and biotin (B7), these are all essential vitamins in the conversion of macronutrients into fuel to power the cells of your body.

Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium are also abundant in this nutrient dense powder – essential to bone health.

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