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Bee Pollen Granules Organic

Product Overview

Organic Bee Pollen Granules

Bee Pollen is considered to be one of the most complete superfoods on the planet -  and for good reason. These tiny golden-coloured granules are gathered by bees whilst collecting nectar, and are sweet to the taste. 

Bee Pollen contains nearly all the nutrients required for the human body. And that’s no mean feat, rich in protein (16.7g per 100g serving), vitamins (inclusive of B-complex), minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, making it the perfect addition to your daily nutritional needs. 

What are the benefits of Bee Pollen Granules?

  • Packed full of protein (16.7g per 100g serving)
  • Contains nearly all the nutrients required by the human body
  • Gluten free
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • High in healthy fats
  • High in vitamins and minerals
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