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Baobab Powder Organic

Product Overview

Organic Baobab (Vegan)

Baobab originates from the Baobab Tree, which grows naturally in the African Savanna. It has been an integral part of local diets for centuries, it has recently gained a global reputation as a Superfood.            

Baobab Powder “The Tree of Life” is one of the richest food sources of Vitamin C in the world. Our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C and so must be included in our diet. Baobab Powder contains almost 7 times the Vitamin C found in oranges. A serving of 2-3 teaspoons can provide over 30% of your daily Vitamin C requirements. Vitamin C is essential for supporting immune health, healthy skin and sustained energy release throughout the day.

Contains over 50% fibre - Soluble fibre helps slow down the release of sugars into the blood stream and Insoluble fibre helps keeps your bowls healthy and acts as a natural prebiotic supporting healthy gut bacteria. Baobab powder has a unique citrusy sherbet flavour - Simply Add 1-2 tsp to your favourite smoothie, juice, milk or yoghurt.



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