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Protein Rich Smoothie

*minimum order of 6 bottles

Product Overview

Protein Rich Smoothie has plant based proteins to boost your daily intake. These juices are lush alkaline foods specially selected from unique smoothie recipes. You don’t have to eat less, you just need to eat right, add me to your life.

This pack includes:

  • 1 day detox: 2 x Restore, 2 x Cleanse, 2 x Recover
  • 2 day detox: 2 x Restore, 4 x Cleanse, 2 x Recover
  • 4 day detox: 4 x Restore, 8 x Cleanse, 4 x Recover
  • 6 day detox: 6 x Restore, 12 x Cleanse, 6 x Recover

*Orders with 5,6,7 bottles per day will Automatically have these additional flavours selected for you

Number of Days