Unfolding The Therapeutic Secrets Of Mucuna Pruriens Seeds

Mucuna Pruriens hold a significant place in Ayurvedic medicine. These magical beans have been used for centuries to manage a myriad of diseases. 

Scientifically known as Mucuna seeds, these tropical climbing legumes are native to Asia and Africa. But now it is also cultivated in other parts of the world.  

Mucuna has substantial health benefits. Although touching the naked pod can result in itching and irritation on the skin, thus the name ‘cowitch’. It has been traditionally used as a neuroprotective, aphrodisiac, geriatric tonic, and promoter of virility.

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Let's delve deeper into Mucuna Pruriens benefits and see what this wonderful plant has to offer

12 Beneficial Effects Of Mucuna Pruriens

1. Antidiabetic

This Indian medicinal plant

has been traditionally used to manage hyperglycemia. Recent studies reveal that oral administration of Mucuna Pruriens beans extract was found to have an anti-diabetic effect

Scientists believe it could be a potent anti-diabetic medicine. Besides, it reduces cellulite and lowers cholesterol levels, thus helping reduce weight. 

2. Parkinson's Disease

The major cause of Parkinson's disease

is the lack of dopamine. Dopa Mucuna contains the precursor of dopamine called levodopa. 

This levodopa is converted into dopamine in the brain. In the treatment of Parkinsonism, it helps relieve symptoms and maintain the quality of life.  

3. Improves Sexual Health In Men

Mucuna Pruriens powder has been used in Ayurveda

to manage infertility in males for centuries. It is proven to enhance semen production along with increased sperm count and motility. 

It also decreases serum FSH and prolactin levels and increases testosterone, LH, dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline levels in infertile men. 

The study was conducted on men in their late thirties, and positive effects were observed after using Mucuna powder (5 g/day) for 3 months. 

It was also found to reduce psychological stress due to infertility. In addition, it acts as an aphrodisiac in both men and women and increases sexual drive. 

4. Increases Growth Hormones And Testosterone Level

Velvet bean is a powerful

stimulant of growth hormone and testosterone production and is a common ingredient in bodybuilding and sports supplements. 

Around 27.3% protein content is present in mature mucuna seeds. This high protein content is responsible for developing toned muscles. 

It is consumed in the form of powder, shakes, and drinks by individuals grinding to build lean muscles. 

5. Antihypertensive

One of Mucuna Pruriens benefits

includes its blood pressure lowering effect. This effect is pronounced by inhibiting the enzyme ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme). This enzyme is one of the prominent culprits contributing to high blood pressure. 

6. Improves Sleep

Mucuna pruriens studies may show benefits for sleep

in both men and women. A study conducted in 2012 showed a 50% improvement in sleep quality after taking velvet bean in combination with Chlorophytum borivilianum for 28 days. 

This action occurs due to the presence of levodopa in velvet beans. It increases growth hormone production, which is closely related to slow wave sleep. 

7. Enhances Skin Health

One of Mucuna Pruriens benefits

is its antioxidant property. Skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis, which occur due to oxidative stress, can be managed by using mucuna

Topical use of the methanolic extract of this herb has been shown to reduce baseline levels of 4HNE present in human keratinocytes. 4HNE plays a part in cell death.

8. Aids Digestion

Mucuna Pruriens UK aids digestion

by stimulating smooth muscle contractions. It also enhances intestinal peristalsis due to the presence of prurienine and thus helps constipation

The velvet bean contains a variety of nutritional constituents, including minerals and fiber, which assist in the efficient removal of waste.  

9. Mood Enhancement

Mucuna pruriens is referred to as 'Nature's happy pill'

It improves and stabilizes mood by increasing dopamine levels in the blood. Dopa Mucuna alleviates anxiety and depression

Furthermore, it also increases serotonin and adrenaline levels to a certain extent. 

10. Preemptive Treatment Of Cobra Venom

Studies reveal that Mucuna Pruriens

Can be used as a preemptive measure against Cobra venom. The MP-4 protein isolated from mucuna seeds may neutralize snake venom. 

Also, the antibodies produced against this protein cross-react with the venom and protect against significant harm. 

11. Bolsters Strength And Immunity

As a nutraceutical

it boosts immunity and strength in people of all ages. But it has been especially used for the said purpose in geriatrics for generations. 

It contains high protein, sugars, fat, and fiber content. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, which contribute to overall better health. 

Mucuna is considered a future restorative herb

12. Alternative Treatment For ADD And ADHD

ADD (attention deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder)

are behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. These conditions can be managed by using mucuna powder extract. 

There’s not much evidence to support this claim. However, in one study, 85 young adults and children with autism were tested, and symptoms were improved in 77% of the cases. 

What else about Mucuna?

How Can You Use Mucuna Pruriens Seeds?

The dose of Mucuna Pruriens UK depends on each individual’s condition and requirement. But an estimated effective dose of mucuna powder is between 5 and 30 grams. 

5 grams daily intake of this supplement during studies may show to manage conditions related to sexual health. In contrast, a 15 to 30 grams dose is said to potentially be effective for Parkinson’s disease. 

It is best to take your doctor’s advice before consuming this supplement. 

You can use the powder by mixing it in warm water, with honey, ghee, milk, or in shakes.

Contraindications And Drug Interactions To Look Out For

It is contraindicated in pregnant, lactating women and children. Also, it has major drug interactions with antidepressants (MAOIs) and methyldopa. 

Whereas moderate interactions are observed with concurrent use of Guanethidine, anti-diabetics, antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, and anesthetics. 

Be cautious in using dopa mucuna supplements when you’re on any prescription medicine. 

Possible Side Effects Of Mucuna Seeds

Oral intake of Mucuna Pruriens UK is generally safe. However, some common side effects reported are nausea and bloating. Less common side effects are vomiting, dyskinesia, insomnia, headache, arrhythmia, confusion, irritability, hallucinations, and delusions.

Touching naked pods can cause severe burning and swell in the skin. 

Conclusion: Take Away

Mucuna Pruriens is a precious heritage of Ayurveda. This traditional medicine holds a pandora of secrets. It is a topic of scientists’ interest, and research on its curative properties is on the rise. 

It won’t be a stretch to say the maximum potential of these magic beans will be unlocked soon. 

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